Our Curriculum

Sri Harshitha (E.M) School values every student's potential and is dedicated towards improving the young minds by setting the path for their career. Besides academics, we also encourage our students to take active part in extra curricular activities that bring forth their hidden talents. Our professionals cautiously prepare the curriculum to make the students proficient in multiple fields.

Co-Curricular Activities

The school offers Art, Library skills and Physical education to its students as well as the introductory use of computers. Moral science and Value education plays a vital role in imposing good moral and values among the students.

Extra Curricular Activities

Music, Dance, Yoga and Meditation are provided to enhance material education.

PRE-SCHOOL: A Nurturing and Creative World

A pre- kindergarten program to provide a half-day (3.5 hrs of instructional services), five days per week, 36 weeks ( 180 days) per year of appropriate educational / instructional services for 2 ½ and 3 year old children. Students must meet the age requirements to register for admission.